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    Hello everyone,

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how, if even possible, to export clips from a YouTube page into iMovie. I know it's conventional to do it vice versa, but I've uploaded several clips from my ps3 into YouTube, and would prefer iMovie's editing tools over YouTube's "Video Editor."

    Any help is appreciated,


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    If these are your videos that you've uploaded, go into the "my videos" section of your account. Next to the video's icon you'll see [Edit][Insight]V Click the drop down arrow next to the boxes, and select (Download MP4) This will download a MP4 version of your video. After this file is downloaded, simply drag it into iMovie and edit it however you want.

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    google for software called gettube

    it's a mac app that allows you to download youtube videos.

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    There's also an extention for Safari that puts a Download button on Youtube pages.
    Jonathan is a nerd: YouTube video downloader for Safari 5

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