First post, so bear with me.

Just bought an Imac, 27" screen, Ilife11, etc.

Got a Sony mini DV camcorder, which records onto mini dv tape. It's got a firewire port, and so I bought a firewire cable so that I can transfer to the Imac. It's a 4-pin at the cam end and a 9-pin at the Imac end, Firewire 800. When I go to Imovie and go to import, the only thing it recognises is the Isight camera. I've tried reconnecting, turning cam on and off, but as far as Imac is concerned, the cam doesn't exist.

Any hints? It's frustrating, because I am able to transfer old Hi8 onto the cam by a connector, and so if I can get it onto the Imac, I can transfer all I have onto it.