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    Stretching When Exporting
    Basically I am trying to make a video with footage from a video game, and when I export shorter videos using only one clip it comes out fine. But the problem arises when I compile multiple clips together, and export them. When I am only using one video it exports fine using the HDV 1080i50 compression to 16:9 with out the bars at the top and bottom. But when I try to export a video that has multiple clips it has bars at the top and bottom, and looks basically stretched. In the canvas it also looks fine as far as the dimensions go and no letterboxing occurs. The original format for the video clips is also HDV 1080i50 compression if that helps. I am running Final Cut Pro 7.
    For reference videos:
    This is what I get with a single video clip
    YouTube - FFA Streak

    This is the effect with multiple clips
    YouTube - Joyeux Nol

    As you can see I get the letter boxing and it is really unattractive in comparison to to the actual 16:9 dimensions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Make sure your sequence settings are also set to 16:9. Press Command-0 to bring up the sequence settings. It sounds like you may be adding 16:9 clips to a 4:3 sequence.

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