Dear all,

My frustration is reaching boiling point, and I would be very grateful if anyone could help me out.

Some time ago I created a film with iMovie '09 using mostly photos (of high quality), but also adding music and a few movie clips. The total film duration is over an hour and because of the many hours spent on creating the film it is not an option to start over or use a different programme to recreate it.

I've saved the project using different settings and all looked fine when viewing on my Mac. It is when these films are burned to DVD the frustration sets in. I expect there to be some, or even quite a bit, loss of quality; of course a DVD does not equal HD quality. The wavy lines however ruin my whole project.

I've tried every possible setting and size but the wavy lines persist. These appear, for instance on balconies and rippling water. Anything 'stripy' comes to life when photos are moving aided by the Ken Burns effect.

This problem persists when burning with both iDVD and Toast Titanium. I've burned DVDs using almost every size setting. Exporting to iDVD, QuickTime and 'Mediakiezer' (the third option of which I'm not quite sure what this is called in the English version) all have the same result.

I've used several compression types, tried progressive and interlaced as scanmodus, tried 4:3 and 16:9, cancelled interlaced from video, archived my project to video-ts in iDVD before burning it. All to no avail.

I will jump for joy if I can get rid of these horrible lines which rear their ugly head as soon as my project is burned to DVD.

Many thanks.