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Thread: iMovie upload to MobileMe

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    Unhappy iMovie upload to MobileMe
    The last 24 hours I've spent trying to get a Christmas iMovie published to my MobileMe account. I even let it export overnight to no avail. It gets stuck on 5 seconds to go. This morning I started all over. It said I had 55 minutes of upload time (it began with 7 hours then 6 hours, etc., down to 55 minutes after about 5 minutes of operating). Then as the 55 minutes dwindles down accurately it again got hung up on 5 seconds to go. That was 90 minutes ago. I'm so frustrated! I'm beginning to wonder if the $100 yearly fee for MobileMe is even worth it!
    Any advice from any of you who've had this problem?

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    Jan 16, 2011
    It's still stuck on 5 seconds 5 hours later. But I have tried to post it to iWeb, but that hasn't loaded either. MobileMe is mobile crap for this so far, too. On another post someone suggested using VIMEO. I did do that. It's free for basic service. It took an 90 minutes to upload the video. But when you email your link, it takes another 30-45 minutes for the entire video/movie to load. Mine is 15 minutes long, so I know it's lengthy and longer than what many may post. But should you find yourself in the same pickle, it will work eventually. If it weren't Sunday, I'd just burn a disc of the movie and FedEx it to my parents! After all the time I've spent on this the last 2 days I would have saved money just doing that.
    If anyone else comes across something better, please share.

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    I don't know what the issue is, but I upload movies to my MobileMe gallery all the time without issue.

    Have you turned off all the "energy saver" type things (actually it's okay to let the DISPLAY sleep, but NOT the hard drive or CPU)? Just a guess, but maybe that's an issue?

    The fact that this movie takes 90 minutes to upload to Vimeo tells me one thing right off the bat: TOO BIG (or you have an unbelievably crappy upstream speed).

    Not sure what file format/resolution size you're saving to but you should be using MP4 (or just use iMovie's built-in "share to MobileMe" settings).

    Try exporting it as an MP4 movie to your own hard drive first (oooh, there's another thought ... do you have AT LEAST 12GB of available free space on your drive?). See if you're successful with that and report back.

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