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    old grainy movies
    I have digitized some of my old movies to imovie on my iMac.

    They were taken about 35 years ago, as you can imagine they are grainy and not sharp.

    Can iMovie sharpen up old movies, or are there any programs out there that can do this.


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    iMovie has a limited ability to do this.

    1. Select a clip or the entire movie in iMovie.
    2. Right-click and choose "Video Adjustments."

    You'll see your way from there. This will probably only give you minimal improvements, but its a start.

    Photoshop Extended or some other more professional video programs may be needed to really help beyond that. Don't expect miracles, in short.

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    Jun 24, 2007
    Thanks Chas_m I'm going go give if a try. I don't expect much after all when u start with something bad you can't expect perfection.


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