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Thread: Fix a crooked video

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    Fix a crooked video
    I was in charge of filming a very important presentation. But I had a terrible tripod. And did not know it. Now my video in terribly crooked and I donít know what to do. The video is like 30 degrees crooked. Does any body know what I can do? Or does any one know if I could fix it frame by frame? SOME BODY PLEASE HELP ME!

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    Moved to the correct forum. You'll likely get more help here than in the notebooks forum.

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    30 Degrees! How on earth can you not notice an angle like that??
    You can try Download TransformMovie for Mac - Batch rotate & resize movies.
    How it works. Open it, wait for the trial countdown to stop then click on the preferences button, set the angle preferences, press ok and drop the movie on the window.
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    If it were 90 degrees off, iMovie could fix that. But not in this case.

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