My group needs to MPEG -2 compress .mov files and export them using Final Cut Pro 4.5's Compressor to Quicktime to play in a Dell W3000 LCD HDTV.

The Dell LCD HDTV, on a direct link to the G5 via DVI Cable, is currently displaying at VESA 1280x768. This is the highest resolution available in the list of resolutions in my "Apple Display Properties". However, the Dell LCD HDTV is capable of displaying 1920x1080i.
This is what we want.

[MacG5]>>1394a>>[Convergent Design's HD-ConnectLE]>>HDTV Component(Y-Pb-Pr)>> [Dell LCD HDTV]

This hardware setup should resolve the issue, according to the technician at Convergent Design. I am wondering specifically, if when this setup is connected, the 1920x1080i resolution will become an option in the Apple Display Properties.
**Is the Dell HDTV just "sensing" its DVI Cable input and choosing the highest VESA resolution and not HDTV resolution? Will the conversion to Y-Pb-Pr input (maintaining HD quality with the HD-ConnectLE), cause the Dell Monitor to "sense" an HDTV connection and choose the highest HDTV resolution of 1920x1080i?***
Cause that... "would be great"

Jack R McGee
Department of Physics & Astronomy
LSU Astrophysics Theory Group