Hello. I'm trying to make a video of Super Mario Bros. gameplay. I used 1.4.1, Quicktime 10.0, and Screenium 1.3. I used this all on Mac OS X version 10.6.5. The issue is, that no matter how many times I change the video settings, the game runs smoothly, but the play back on QuickTime is very choppy and laggy. However, for some video settings, the same thing happens, but vice versa. The playback on QuickTime is acceptable, but sometimes Nestopia's audio and video chops, especially in the most inconvenient situations in the game.Before I got my computer replaced and upgraded, this never happened. So who's fault is it? Is it Nestopia, is it Screenium, QuickTime, Mac OS X, or is it the computer itself? I'm so confused here! What video setting will work (Has to have sound.)?