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    Uncompressed video in DVD Studio Pro?
    Hi, I was thinking about getting DVD Studio Pro to make DVDs but was curious about the quality. I don't think DVD Studio Pro can output uncompressed video, but can it? What kind of compression does it use? How does it compare to professional DVDs?

    Right now we have one system with an i/o and video raid and lots of expensive equipment that lets it burn DVDs uncompressed. We want to make DVDs on more than one computer without buying all that equipment but also make them look good.

    thanks for any help answering my very newbie question.

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    All DVDs (including professional) use mpeg2 compression. uncompressed video is far too big to fit more then 5-10 minutes in DVD (as data). DVD studio pro will convert the movie file to mpeg2 as soon as you import it in the project (mpeg2 encoding is quite time consuming)

    what you mean by uncompressed DVD? it is not possible to create DVD video without mpeg compression.

    the quality of the final DVD video depends on the quality of source video. you cant get professional quality video unless you have a HD camcorder or film. dont expect to get same quality from DV.

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