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Thread: Beginning of my wedding DVD not being converted in DropDV

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    Beginning of my wedding DVD not being converted in DropDV
    I'm trying to convert my wedding video to 'dv' format using DropDV v2. The DVD is made up of several VOB files within the Video_TS directory as follows:
    VIDEO_01_1.VOB (1.07GB)
    VIDEO_01_2.VOB (1.07GB)
    VIDEO_01_3.VOB (262.6MB)

    I drag all of these to the Dropdv window and it takes about 10 minutes for the conversion to work with no errors.

    However it looks like it does not convert VIDEO_01_1.VOB as I don't get about the first 20 minutes of my wedding converted, the rest of the conversion is fine.

    I've played the dvd in the my imac (which I bought new 3 weeks ago) and the dvd does include the whole video so its something to do with the conversion.

    I'd appreciate it, if any one has experienced similar and can advise on a solution.

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    Try MPEGStreamclip for the conversion.

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