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Thread: Importing video to itunes

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    Importing video to itunes
    I have some mp4 videos that play great on my imac. When I sync them in itunes with appletv or my iphone 4 they do not appear. I have tried using handbrake to convert and hand brake keeps shutting down half way through. What software is there that I can use to analyze the video and correct any issues? Do I need to use any software or am I missing something?

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    iTunes itself can convert the files to work with AppleTV/iPhone 4 (Advanced menu, Create Version).

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    Unfortunately those options are grayed out in itunes

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    Try changing the file from .mp4 to .m4v

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    hey, i have the same problem....itunes folders do not show my imports. there are only 2 options rent movies or buy movies in the folder.
    i have tried file/add folder/file to library/then clicked on the file, but it just disappears....and does not show up in

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