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    Help needed with connecting camcorder to macbook
    Hello, i have just received a used macbook for Christmas so im not completely sure what os i have or any of that. i also got a new insignia camcorder and i have been trying to connect it and edit the videos on imovie. The macbook recognizes the camcorder and sd card inside of it, but it is in .avi format which will not work on it. I downloaded handbrake and that seems to work for converting into .mp4 format but it takes a really long time and the macbook gets really warm and loud. im just wondering if theres an easier way to do this. Oh and also, the camcorder does not have a firewire input. Thank you.

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    To find out about your Mac, click on the Apple Symbol on the Menubar and select "About this Mac". That will open up an info panel which will give you basic information such as the OS version. If you then click on the More Info button, it will tell you everything about the computer.

    For editing your movies in iMovie, you'll be better off down loading MPEGStreamclip(it's free), and then exporting your file to Quicktime using the Apple Intermediate Codec option.
    Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac OS X

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