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    Unhappy iMovie help - no audio!
    Hi. I have iMovie 5.0.2 (my PowerMac G5 is pre-Intel) and have made home movies on it for many years. But this year all of a sudden, I can hear no audio after loading my raw video clips. It doesn't matter what the source material is (DV cam, Flip cam) there's no audio once I start trying to edit. I get audio on the raw material when loading, and audio when using the Flip Video program and iTunes, etc., but the video clips in iMovie are completely silent.

    I tried reinstalling this version of iMovie but it didn't solve the problem.

    I was going to try installing a newer version that can run on my system, but can't seem to find one anywhere.

    Suggestions are welcome!


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    Does a sound level line show in the iMovie timeline? Does iMovie play imported audio from iTunes? Does your Mac play other audio OK?

    iMovie6HD is the next one up from 5. Google will give you various links to downloads, although how good they are...?

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    The audio level line is present and I can manipulate it. When I click on audio to select a song in iTunes, I can play and hear the song, but when I move it to the timeline it is no longer audible.

    I can play all other audio sources from the web to iTunes to the Flip video raw files before I import them to iMovie.

    Pretty screwy, huh?

    I couldn't find a download for iMovie 6, so I ordered one on eBay. We'll see if that does the trick.

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    Im having the same problem, did you ever get it sorted?

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