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    ffmpegx conversion question
    Hi, I'm trying to convert Real media (.RAM) video files to video files that will open with Quicktime in order to run them with Finale, a music notation program. My goal is to compose music that goes along with the videos. I'm using ffmpegx to try to convert the files to a format that Quicktime will read, but when I do so, I get the following message:

    "Canít get text item 2 of "Binary file (standard input) matches". (-1728)"

    I'm using an iMac OSX version 10.6.5

    Can anyone help me with this, or suggest a different way of converting Real Media files to files that are compatible with Quicktime? Thank you

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    You may have a corrupt file, but this is the method I would use:

    # Launch ffmpegx.
    # Drop the .rm source into the slot next to Open. Click on the Video tab and there choose MPEG4 [.AVI](mencoder). Make sure you check the Encode Video Button.
    # Click Encode and give the app a while to do its work. You now have a video file that you can play in QuickTime, on your iPod, in Front Row, etc
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