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    iDVD won't burn?
    I've been trying to burn some movies that I have on my computer, to DVD so they'll play in any DVD player. I don't know what format plays in every DVD player so I wanna be able to use a program that does everything for me. I've used DVD flick on a PC. You basically just upload the movie, put a DVD in and it converts it and put it on a DVD all for you.

    I did some research online and found out that iDVD was easiest. I was looking for a free program to use.

    So I use the 1 step thing in iDVD. I find the movie I wanna put on DVD and it starts encoding and whatever else it does.

    So it says there's 1 minute left and it ejects the DVD. it keeps saying there's 1 minute left.

    I put it back in to see if the DVD actually works and nothing comes up until I cancel the encoding or whatever. When I cancel it something comes up saying I've inserted a blank DVD.

    Why is this happening/how can I fix it?

    Is there an easier free way to burn to a DVD?

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    I use Toast
    Macbook Pro & Snow.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cube1 View Post
    I use Toast
    I don't wanna have to pay for toast because it's pretty expensive.

    My friend lent me her copy of toast and I tried it but I had a problem with it.

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