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Thread: Help needed with raw .264 files

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    Help needed with raw .264 files
    I have a dvd with a video consisting of raw .264 files (not h.264). Does anyone know how to convert this into something - anything - I can play? I'm running 10.6.4.

    Thanks very much for any help.

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    You can probably play the file as-is in VLC. No conversion necessary.
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    H.264 is a native QuickTime format. It will play in ANY Mac app that supports video.

    I'm not clear on whether you have a DVD *data* disc with an H.264 file on it or what, but simply opening any video tool on a Mac (QuickTime Player, for example) should play it just fine.

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    Rubbish. It's .264 format NOT h.264
    Security systems use a containerless format called .264 which is not the same nor interchangeable with mp4, h264 or m4v, avi, etc.
    You'll need the security system's proprietary codec converter to convert this to mp4, which is the best choice for the least lossy conversion.

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    viewing .264 files on Mac
    I searched for the same software for a long time, and just came across this:

    It doesn't let you save the video, but you can view it, so you could always use a screen recorder to make a quicktime copy.


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