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    Question Please help. Adding a custom overlay to imovie 09' crashes imovie
    When I added a custom overlay in imovie 08 I had no problems at all. But I updated my computer to snow leopard (from leopard previously), and installed imovie 09. After doing that, now that I'm working in imovie 09, which is supposed to accept custom overlays, it crashes EVERY time I try to put in a custom overlay. What's wrong?

    Here's a link to the crash report. It was too long to put in a post so I put it here:

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    The dump doesn't help us a lot. You are running an older white Macbook with integrated graphics, 1GB of RAM, OS X 10.6.5, all of which seem fine according the the iLife 11 requirements, which seems to be what you are running.

    You said you are running iMovie 09, but the dump says you are running version 9.0 which would be iMovie 11, as version 8.0.6 is iMovie 09.

    Looks like perhaps the crash is occurring when the popup window appears, but really that doesn't help us.

    As for the problem, I don't know. I'd run the Console app in the Utilities folder to see if any messages in those logs suggests anything when the crash happens. There is always a small chance iMovie is spitting out some information there.

    Things to perhaps consider; is the overlay too big, is it an incompatible file type, are you trying to place an overlay onto another one or other effect? Have you tried creating another user account and trying the same effect?
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