Hi All.

I am a fairly new mac user and have only played with iMovie a few times. I never remember how to get my files into the program but I've also never had a problem doing it. This time is different. From the same video camera (Sony Handycam DCR-SR60) I plug it in, try to import from it- all files are grey & not accessible. So I created a folder on my desktop and downloaded all the files into it, then try to access them from iMovie...also all files are greyed out.

The files in both cases (the times they imported just fine and now) are MPG files. Why would they work before and not now? By the way I have never done the iLife update... I'd heard someone say there was a problem with it and not to do it. Could this be my problem? Does anyone here recommend I do it?

ANY suggestions for correcting the problem?
Thanks a bunch!