Any Mac users with the mentioned HD cam and using either of the other two mentioned softwares? Would Premiere Elements 9 be more than "good enough" for a total novice with a Panasonic HS700 HD cam? I'd like to confirm whether either versions of those two softwares will work with the HS700's 1080p/60p and 50p files. Very few can that I know of. I heard Premiere Pro 5 is the only one. True? Actually the only one I know that can do it is the Windows OS Sony Vegas software. No need for a converter.

I could go cheap and just by a $30 converter and use iMovie 11.

The Adobe website says "import only" for AVCHD support. What does that mean? Will it import a 1080p/60p file from the Panasonic HS700 HD Cam and converted it to a codec it can work with?