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    Saving swf files from mac to PC Powerpoint 2007
    I want to open an swf file that I made in Flash 8 on a Mac to Powerpoint 2007 on a PC.

    I understand the steps to do this in Powerpoint; however, when I save my swf file on the Mac it read, (for example) bbbb.swf then I save it to my jump drive, open it on my PC and the name changes to ._bbb.swf which the PC cannot open.

    I tried to open the file on the Mac in Quicktime and save it as an avi file; however, again, opening it from my jump drive onto the PC changes the name in the same way as mentioned above.

    Does anyone have any incite as to how I can save the file so it will open up and be able to be played in Powerpoint 2007 on my PC?

    Thanks so much for any help.


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    ._bbb.swf is not the actual file, there should be another file on the PC drive called bbbb.swf, ._bbb.swf is just some meta data about the original file (it will typically be about 4K in size)

    Your best bet is to export the flash file in Flash 8 to quicktime, then use a program like MPEG Streamclip to convert the mov file to avi, using a codec that Powerpoint can understand like Cinepak
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    Thank you, louishen, appreciate your help. Was able to get it to work. Can't believe that I did not notice that the actual file WAS on the drive along with the meta data file you mentioned.


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