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    how get my dvd onto youtube from macbook pro
    i have a dvd i'd like to get onto youtube. i have a macbook pro. what do i need to do? can't figure out how to make this happen.

    thanks so much

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    1. YouTube submissions are limited to 10 minutes.

    2. If you are not CLEARLY the owner of the copyright of the contents of that DVD, expect it to be pulled and you might find yourself banned. I'm not saying you're doing anything wrong, I'm saying check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    3. So now that we've cleared those hurdles -- what you need is a program that will convert MPEG-2 (the native format of video DVDs) back into something you can (edit? and) bring into iMovie. I suggest Handbrake.

    From iMovie, a video can be uploaded directly; a couple of clicks, a little typing, you're done. You can also upload a video directly to YouTube via a web browser but it still has to be converted from MPEG-2 first.

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