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    Converting/Editing Software Suggestions?
    I am looking for software suggestions that will allow me to convert various video formats (wmv, mpg, avi, mov, etc.) that I can either import into iMovie or edit in the converting software. Then, I would need to export them to the various formats.

    As the only Mac user in a company that uses PCs, I am often asked to edit various video clips (wmv, mpg, avi, etc.) and save them in a size and format that can be emailed and viewed by basic office PCs.

    I also need to be able to trim them, occasionally add text, and join video clips together for playback.

    Any suggestions would be extremely helpful. Thanks!!!

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    1. Add Flip4Mac WMV Player and Perian (both free) to your Mac first.

    2. If you can find it, VisualHub (now sadly discontinued) can pretty much do it all.

    3. If not VH, try Evom (free), or ffmpegX (outdated, old but free). I'm sure there are other options but most of them come from Chinese companies called iSkySoft or something similar and should be avoided.

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    MPEGStreamclip converts most formats.

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    I would second MPEGStreamclip, available for Mac and Windoews
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    Am adding my vote in favor of MPEGStreamclip, costs a sawbuck but does it all.

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