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    Exporting HD movie from iMovie '11 for Apple TV
    I have the new (2nd gen) Apple TV. I have home movies that are HD 720 created in iMovie '11. They were taking forever to buffer and start when I would stream them to my Apple TV so I decided to re-export the files, restrict the total kbps to 8000, and check the box for "streaming." This made a difference - movies started playing much quicker but I think I lost some quality as a result? Did I? I'm trying to figure out the best way to export and encode from iMovie with the best possible HD picture but at the same time having the movie start rather quickly without having to wait forever for it to load before it plays.

    Also, please see attachment. What is the difference between "bit rate" and "total bit rate?" The bit rate shown on the left is what it comes out to be if I don't check the "streaming" box. If I check the box for streaming the bit rate goes down to 125 (from 1536)

    Any light you can shed would be great thanks.
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