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Thread: iMovie stabilization of iphoto movies

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    iMovie stabilization of iphoto movies
    I understand that when i import an event from my DV camcorder and scan for image stabilization the stabilization files are contained in a folder within the event folder - (movies/iMovie Events/*event name*/iMovie Stabilization)

    What i cant find is where the stabilization folder is located for movies from the iphoto library, ie they do not have an event of their own within iMovie.

    I have tried looking in the iphoto library manually and cant seem to find them. Anyone know where iMovie keeps these files in this circumstance?

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    Select the clip in your Project, and Right Click and then choose Reveal in Finder. It should be be in iPhoto Library/Originals/Year that movie was taken/Originals_2/iMovieSpeedConversion

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    just seen this - thanks for the response.

    I will check this out tonight.

    Although i see you refer to "speed conversion". I am refering to stabilization.

    Either way will check it out tonight and report back.

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