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    adding music in iMovie
    How do you make separate songs in iMovie transition into each other smoothly?

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    I'm used to iMovie 6, so I hope that what I suggest applies to whichever version you're using.... What version is it, by the way? Providing that sort of info helps us to help you.


    If you select (under the 'View' menu) 'Show Clip Volume Levels', a horizontal line will appear. You can then click on a point just before the first clip is due to end and reduce the level to zero. Similarly in the next tune, only this time start with zero volume and increase as appropriate.....

    Hope that helps

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    Totally depends on imovie version... 09 +...fade out one song...fade in another ( found in audio editing choice...)

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    lorross sporting
    Thanks you two, I'm using '09 version 8.0.6 by the way. I'm going to work on it later, i'll post again if I'm still having trouble. Thanks again.

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