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Thread: HDTV to Mac

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    HDTV to Mac
    I've searched everywhere for an answer to this question and haven't found one. If I've missed it on the forums I apologize.

    I'm trying to get the live tv that I'm watching (Time Warner Cable) to appear on my Mac. Best Buy gave me a mini display to HDMI adapter and that works fine for projecting my mac screen on the TV, but I want to go the opposite way.

    I'm trying to view and save video from my tv to my mac. Is this possible without spending $200 on an EyeTv or something similar?

    Thanks for any help.

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    No, you will not be able to capture anything from your TV, over-the-air antenna, cable, satellite, XBox, VHS or other without some sort of video capture card with/without a built-in tuner depending on what you want to do.
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    This may be what you're looking for,
    equinux - Small TV receivers for digital TV on Mac and PC
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    Thank you both for the response. What I'm trying to do is mirror what's playing on my TV on the mac so I can do screen captures and video clips for a blog. I used have a cheap piece of hardware for my pc called gamebridge that would allow me to record video games and I'm looking for a way to do the same thing for live and/or DVR tv shows. Live is actually not that big of a priority. I dont care if it's from the DVR.

    Is the tuner used in conjunction with some sort of screen capture software the best option? or is the eyeTV a better fit?

    Thanks again guys

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