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    FCP / Quicktime Pro - Open Image Sequence

    I just bought a new Mac Pro 8 core (OS 10.6.4) and am excited about getting into some HD video editing. I've got a .tif sequence (1920x1080, RGB, with Alpha Channel) that I need to open in Final Cut Pro 7 or Quicktime Pro 7.6.6.

    I have followed the instructions in FCP help, but when I try to import the folder or drag the images into the timeline I get an error message saying "unknown file." I have also tried the "open image sequence" function in Quicktime Pro, but the images remain greyed out and I cannot open them. Just for fun I tried pointing Quicktime to other images in a variety of formats and none of them are recognized.

    Any ideas as to the problem here?

    Many thanks,


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