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    iMovie not responding
    Help! My iMovie is opening but not responding...just shows the spinning pie (doesn't show any projects or videos/pics like when it normally opens). I've tried repairing disk permissions, no luck. Then I went into the guest account and it opens and seems to work there (but none of my project stuff is there of course it's just all empty). What do I do next???

    I've looked at some other posts and I need some help in layman's terms!

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    Try just ... leaving it alone. For a long time.

    IME, iMovie is trying to locate, catalog and thumbnail all your video. This can take quite a while. Try walking away for a couple-three hours and see what happens. If its still stuck, THEN I would suspect that its hit some corruption somewhere.

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    Thanks but no luck
    tried on multiple occasions having restarted it, shut it down completely, etc. I think I'll just have to back everything up and uninstall/reinstall it or something.

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    What you describe sounds like a corrupted project trying to open. If that is it, move that project to some other location such as your desktop, then try opening iMovie. My theory being the iMovie won't be able to find that file and so will open at the project list level.

    Things to try...

    Run "" in the Utilities folder, then start iMovie, then review the log in the Console window to gain any hints.

    Remove the iMovie preferences file in case it is corrupted.

    A long shot (or even unreasonable), try double clicking a different project from the one you had open last. Related to my first paragraph.
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