Hello, I just tried iDVD last night, and everything seemed fine. I imported my films, tested them before setting to burn, then pushed the burn button, which briefly went fiery red and is now just sitting there yellow/black.

But hours later, it is still like so. I expected something like a progress bar, or anything to suggest it's actually working. But I see and pretty much hear nothing.

When I check the program iDVD in activity monitor it doesn't say it has hung or anything.

When I check the DVD drive in Disk Utility, it says it is busy, otherwise I can't see it on the desktop nor in finder??

During the burn period my wife slept the iMac for a bit, but when brought up, iDVD doesn't show it is hanging or anything (I know windows wouldn't have liked this)

I have an iMac 27" late 2010.

So, is this normal? Is there any way to check the progress?

Thanks in advance.