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Thread: The best video editing program for Mac?

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    Nov 15, 2010
    Post The best video editing program for Mac?
    Hi guys

    Can you tell me what's the best video editing program for Mac?

    Except iMovie of course which is great btw.


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    That's really an opinion question but Final Cut Studio is apple's top of the line editing suite. Final Cut Express Is a stripped-down version that costs only $200 and is still a very powerful editing application. It really depends on what kind of editing you're doing when choosing an editing app.
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    "Best" is very subjective and doesn't mean much until we understand the context of what you're looking to do. Beyond what iMovie can do, what are you seeking to accomplish?

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    Another for FCP. I love it so much, I got an Apple certification for it so I can teach it at local public access stations and training centers.

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    I'm a user of Adobe's products so my vote is for Premiere Pro CS5 for Mac.

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    I'm another for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 - I've used both Apple standard and the Adobe suite and found the Adobe CS suites to be easier to use in general. Both Final Cut and Premiere Pro are great NLE programmes however. Download the trials of each and find which one you are most comfortable with.

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    i did the trial of adobe final cut and it's great although complicated for fine tuning adjustements of video footage, like fixing a shakey camera, etc, but for putting the clips together and arranging audio, i like imovie for that part.

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    I third the CS5 Premier it seems less taxing than FC.
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