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Thread: syncing 5d footage with audio recorded from zoom

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    Nov 14, 2010
    syncing 5d footage with audio recorded from zoom
    Working on a project right now with Canon 5d footage - it's been converted from the h.264 to DVCProHD 720p60 - we are trying to sync interviews with audio recorded from the Zoom H4n - we are using pluraleyes and are having minimal success, right away the clip appears to be synced but as we progress a few minutes into it - it falls out of alignment and people seem to be "chewing" their words

    can anyone shed some light? my friend thinks we need to change the speed of the audio clip to 99.9% which i attempted and doesn't really do anything except make it more out of sync

    please help

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    Dec 14, 2010
    What editing software are you using? Because I also record audio with a portable recorder. I've tried pluraleyes, didn't work out for what I was doing. So I do it the long way. In FCP I simply send sequence to Soundtrack Pro and then I adjust and sync the audio to the video.

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