Hi, I am not sure if mine is a common issue - probably is. When I capture HDV footage to final cut express 4.01 often the clips have 5 frame breaks in the middle of them. If I recapture this does not happen, indicating it is an issue with capturing, not the tape.

It is a real pain as in the middle of a key shot, the 5 frame break occurs and the 5 frames themselves are unusable - looking like an error.

Is this simply a drop frame issue, or have I set up my system settings incorrectly?

My setup is:
USE: HDV, apple intermediate codec 1080i50
rate: all rates

system: mac OS X 10.4.11

I am shooting on a canon xha1 1080i50
'comp out' 1080i/576i (not sure what that one means!)

Any help in resolving this hugely appreciated - sure you all know how maddening it is to try to resolve this issues yourself with nothing but a google search to indentify & resolve it!