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Thread: Moving video files between hard drives

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    Moving video files between hard drives
    I hope this has not been covered, apologies if it has.
    I'm trying to move some video footage (1 hour long segments) from one external hard drive to another but an error message comes up when i try.
    The hard drive the footage is on has fire wire 400, the other one only has USB2. Could this be the problem? Does USB not work well with video footage?
    I imported the footage from camera into my Mac (Leopard) using Adobe Premier and then transferred it onto the original HD when i finished editing.
    Thanks for any help

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    This problem doesn't sound as though it has anything at all to do with video, and is just a file issue. Hard drives don't care what type of file it is.

    How are the two hard drives formatted? My guess is that you're having issues with the USB2 one because it's formatted FAT32 or NTFS, and needs to be formatted for Mac.

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    I have already put some files onto the drive (photos) after i bought it. These files copied over with no problems so i presume the drive was Mac-ready.
    Could the video footage itself be the problem?

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    The error message you're getting would help out here and keep us from making a bunch of guesses.

    You've basically told us: I have a red light on the dashboard in my car, what's wrong?
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    You were right, i just formatted and it's working, thank you very much. Mind you they made formatting a bit more complex than necessary ie GUID etc. Thanks again

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