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    movie problem with imovie
    I have imovie HD on a mac book pro and I'm trying to edit together a video for my friend. Unfortunately it has imported in widescreen, and it wasn't clear while I was recording it that it was in wide screen but now I have it in the frame, the boom is in shot all the time.

    I see two practica ways round this - to create a pillarbox affect in all the scenes where the boom is. Or to put an still over the bits where it looks at its worse while keeping the audio.

    I don't know how to do either of these and neither process is clear from research I've done on the net.

    Most people seem to want to get rid of the pillarbox affect!

    When it comes to overlaying a still over the audio, I don't seem to be able to do it - I select Split Clip at Playhead and then "extract audio." I then put the still on top of it, but when it goes back to the video all the dialogue is out of sync.

    Any helps or advise on how I can make it look better without this boom in the way would be gratefully received.

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    If you were using iMovie 09 or iMovie 11, you could easily "crop" the boom out of the shot.

    Oh well.

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