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    Nov 03, 2010
    Talking funny iMac Robot Movie
    I turned my old iMac into a robot costume and made a short video of it in iMovie. I think mac fans would appreciate seeing it. I think it's okay to post this type of thing, but if not I apologize. The video I made is here:

    YouTube -

    I hope you enjoy it. I've had a lot of good feedback on it. :-)
    Let me know what you think.


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    That was fairly creative. Probably one of the better uses for an older junk iMac.
    Zach H.
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    Nov 03, 2010
    hey thanks.
    Thanks. The voice and music are coming from a speaker in my robot head. I play the sound from an iPod driven into a battery-powered audio amp, through the original input jack on the front of the iMac. I'm holding the iPod in my left hand.

    I couldn't bring myself to throw my old iMac away. I thought that the design was too interesting. Now I've found a way to send it out in style. It was a lot of fun to wear it. The challenge now will be to part with the costume and recycle it!

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    I totally just had a geekgasm. That was great! lol

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    Nov 03, 2010
    Glad you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun making it.

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    Sep 11, 2010
    Nice video. Very creative

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    Did you go to any Halloween parties with that costume?

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    Nov 03, 2010
    I wore it to work. My fellow engineers really enjoyed it. I also wore it to a Halloween party that turned out to be NOT a costume party, but I kept it on anyway.

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