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    Getting camcorder/video8 tapes onto imac?
    Hi, Been playing some old camcorder footage on the tv & just thought it would be great to get it onto my imac (24" intel 2.66ghz 4GB ram) to make a nice imovie project, Unfortunately both camcorders are quite old & only have phono output, I have been looking at easycap on ebay etc but not sure, I also have a Miglia TVMinini with elgato eyetv which i don't use anymore could i use this somehow? It only has a coax input for your arial, Was gonna just take a chance & buy easycap from ebay & hope it works as macs tend to see pretty much whatever's plugged in to them!

    Any help would be great, Cheers

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    I haven't heard of either device but the Easycap looks unlikely to me. I did find this driver info via a search. It looks to be a third party thing. You could try all of the devices listed in the EyeTV preferences panel to see if one works for you.

    The TVMini looks like a small possibility, if it isn't the TVMini 2. Does it have an analog input like the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid? If not, then you'd have to rig up a path that gets you a channel out source such as through a VCR, then tune into that channel with your device.
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