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    Choppy HDV on Mac mini
    I'm a new Mac user who recently bought an HD video camera. I played the video directly from the camera to the TV and it looked great. I downloaded the video (MP4) to my Mac mini and can it looks OK using VLC but it is jittery when using iMovie (8) and really looks bad after an export to iDVD. Questions:
    1) Why does the video play so choppy from iMovie?
    2) Where can I get step by step instructions on how to take an HD video segment, edit it it using iMovie, exporting to iDVD and writing to a DVD while keeping the resolution and with no choppiness.

    NOTE: I have 2 GB of RAM, not sure if that is contributing to the problem

    Thanks very much!

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    Try QuickTime player
    Open your video with QuickTime player (instal Perion if you have any problems opening it).
    Once it is open, save it by selecting Save for Web.
    When conversion is completed, right-click Open in Downloads.
    The video will be saved in one or two formats (maybe in a folder) as .mov and/or .m4v., either of which can be imported into imovie 11 without loss of quality.
    Good luck.

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    Much appreciate the prompot response Roiphe.

    I did as you recommended and two positive things happened. First the video played better in iMovie, second it also looked better in iDVD. When I created the DVD however, the quality pretty bad.

    Are there some settings I need to use either in iMovie or with exporting to iDVD to ensure quality/resolution retention?


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    Not really, because regardless of settings you are compressing a lot of data down into a small file (by comparison). Use the highest settings available and burn to dual layer discs (if the file is big enough).
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