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    Question HELP! Tried Recording a HD Video. Results are a MESS! 24p video has weird audio
    My equipment:

    Canon Vixia HRF100

    Settings: Full 1920x1080, 24fps, Cinema Mode, everything else was default.

    playing the raw MTS file on my computer yields a very choppy video with audio sounding like its playing back in slow motion....

    however if i open imovie and select "import video from camera" and play the video in the preview screen, the video is much better BUT the sound although not slow mo sounds very choppy as if i am speaking through a fan....

    what am i doing wrong pls help


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    Just a suggestion have you tried to play it with VLC?
    Perhaps is a codec problem.

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    Is it an HF100? I don't recognize the model reference HRF.

    One thing to consider is that I don't know if iMovie supports 24p (xstep would probably know) - another thing to consider, if it's an HF100, it's recording the 24p within a 60i container (yes, I have an HF100, yes, I know this is how it works - but like I mentioned that "HRF" is a designator that isn't familiar to me), so it would need to be inverse-telecined to get it to 24p (something AFAIK iMovie does not do) - although I wouldn't imagine that causing an audio issue BUT, you can try using JES Deinterlacer on the files to perform an inverse telecine.

    I wouldn't suggest using VLC to play back the mts files from the avchd structure, the most successful I've been in playing back raw AVCHD files has been using movist.
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