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    Trying to make a compilation DVD of MPG videos
    So I'm trying to make a video compilation of my favorite (non copyright-protected) horror movie scenes to play during a party. I've been going to and converting youtube URL's into MPG format. They play automatically in Quicktime as soon as I download the converted file so my MacBook definitely recognizes them as video files. But both Imovie and IDVD refuse to let me drag in the files. So what I'm looking at are a whole bunch of MPG movie files I need to just string together and burn onto a DVD. Any ideas? This really shouldn't be this tough!

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    Neither of those programs really plays nice with certain MPEG files (such as MPEG2). I believe they would play nice with files saved as MP4 but I have not tried it in a while. Toast might handle the MPEG files OK. The one problem I have found is that sometimes the setup and burn takes a long time.Sometimes Toast seems to ignore the Never re encode option.
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