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    how do i record and save video, NOT in quicktime
    For my American Sign Language class I need to record videos and upload them but they CANNOT be saved in quicktime, they need to be Flash. I have Flash Player but cannot for the life of me figure out how to record a video and save it in a Flash format using iMovie.

    Help please!!

    Thanks so much,

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    After you record it with QuickTime you would use iMovie to export your files into a SWF which is readable by flash.

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    From what I can tell of my Quicktime, I'm not able to record movies on it. Recording video is very new to me so if that is an impossible statement I'm sorry

    If I have a video that I recorded on iMovie can I export it to an SWF (ShockWave Flash?) When I click on Export my options for format are: Quicktime, Email, Bluetooth, iDVD, iPod, iWeb and Garage Band. How do I do SFW instead of those?

    Thank you,

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    Let's start over.

    Tell us a) what kind of Mac you have, and some of its primary specs like RAM and so on.

    b) Tell us what version of Mac OS X you are using. This makes a difference with regards to QuickTime.

    c) Flash PLAYER is, as the name implies, not capable of making Flash files, only playing them.

    d) I'm confused as to why the files HAVE to be in Flash. Programming Flash is quite complex and not for people who are new to recording video. Can you elaborate on this a bit?

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