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    Just uploaded a dvd on my macbook, which format will work to drag into iMovie?
    If this question is in the wrong place please forgive me and put it in the correct one. Thanks!

    I uploaded a video from my 30 minute dvd onto my Macbook and am trying to drag it into iMovie. The issue is none of the formats at letting me drag it into there. My only goal is to add my website name at the beginning of the video. The MP4 won't work, DV, FLV and Divx Avi. I am using a video converter from Mac with a huge list of formats but don't know which will work to drag it.

    I used mactheripper to get the movie on the mac and aiseesoft to put it into the correct format.

    No formats will let me drag into iMovie

    I will keep trying but any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Smile Try this
    Open your movie with QuickTime player. If you cannot, then download and instal Perion, which is an extension.
    Once you have started your movie in QuickTime, save it by going to File and clicking Save for Web.
    You will see it being converted in a panel.
    When it is finished, right-click it and select Open in Downloads.
    Find it in downloads (perhaps in a folder) and drag it to Desktop.
    You will find your movie with the extension .mov or .m4v.
    Either of them can be imported into imovie.

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    Perian and also install Flip4Mac.

    If you need to covert formats download Handbrake as well. Just another option than above. But do install the Perian and Flip4Mac

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    I found Flip4Mac unnecessary. Unless you buy the full program, the movie will appear with a watermark. QuickTime solves this problem and you don't need to download or buy anything.

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    Roiphe: You are confusing the paid program Flip4Mac makes that OUTPUTS wmv files from the free program Tattooed was referring to that PLAYS wmv files. No watermark on the free program, but it doesn't help in the slightest with getting anything into iMovie (and neither does the paid version!).

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