- Toast Titanium 10.0.2
- OS X 10.4.11

As many of you know, Toast gives you the option to choose "Never" on Re-encoding (as seen below). First question is... shouldn't the rest of the Video options be muted/become non-selectable as soon as you choose "Never" ?

Does it really burn to DVD without changing the Video one bit?

Second thing is... Toast doesn't offer the same "no re-encoding" with Audio. Only PCM (as seen above) and Dolby Digital with various bit rates (below).

The audio in many of the VOB's I'm trying to burn is:

192 Kbps
48.0 KHz
2 channels (L R)

What I'm trying to do is create DVD-R's with VOB's that have no IFO or BUP files (I know Toast will create those files for me so that's not an issue).