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    iMovie09 wont import converted AVDHD?
    OK, first let me say if this has been discussed before I apologize for the repost. I tried searching for the answer and found similar problems but not his exact one and I have tried everything I know to get around it.

    I am a skydiver and a BASE jumper and capture my jumps on my GoPro and my CX100. No issues with the GoPro footage but I am having a hard time with the footage from the CX100. I know this is because of the AVCHD format. As long as I import directly to iMovie09 from the camera there is no problems. However, someone has given me a card with the RAW .MTS files that i need to edit into a video project.

    I tried several conversion tools out there just to find one that would let my mac view the footage in the original high quality. I finally tried Toast Titanium and it converted the footage beautifully into HDV .mov files that load up fast and look great. The problem is iMovie09 wont import these files. Confused, i clicked on get info and it has AIC as the codec, so I really dont know what the problem is. In messing around with Toast i found that if i convert to DV instead of HDV that iMovie will recognize and import that file, but the quality is crap.

    Can anyone offer any insight?



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    The quality isn't crap ... the problem is that DV is a standard def codec, so it's downscaling your HD into SD. Not what you want to do.

    I think the solution to your problem is that you have to convert the .MTS files into something iMovie will recognise (yes, I know it imports directly from the camera, but that's different: we're talking about a file type here).

    I would first suggest you try the free MPEG Streamclip to handle this, primarily because it's free.

    If that doesn't work, then I think VoltaicHD is your only other direct option.

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