Hey guys, i havent posted in a long time, but i came across a problem which i havent encountered in a while and i was curious if anyone has any idea how to fix it. Ive been burning dvds for a while now, over a year, and only once in a while run into this problem, but i cant seem to fix it.

When i go to burn a dvd (using toast), i set the format on data, and put it on DVD-ROM (UFD) like always, and i go to Disc > New Disc, name the disc, then drag the Video_TS folder into the program. I put a blank disc into the drive, then hit burn.


right as it starts the burn, two separate files show up in the burn window called: Desktop DB and Desktop DF, both 2k in size. im not sure what they do, but i do know that they make my dvd unreadable in any player.

I used to have a program that removed these files somehow, but it seems not to work anymore or just doesnt work at all / never did work.

im curious if anyone has a solution to this problem (a program maybe they could point me to)

anyway, thanks in advance, hope someone can help