Hi there everyone,

I'm new to the forums!

I am an editor working on FCP 6, and I have compressor, DVD Studio Pro etc, however I have received a tech spec for a video file that I'm unfamiliar with and having a bit of trouble working out:

Format: MPEG2
- HD: 1920x1080
- stream type: program stream
- Constant bit rate (CBR)
- All I-Frames
- Closed GOP and Sequence Headers in every GOP (group of pictures)
- Favourite frame rate: 30 or 60 fps progressive

This is from an Italian festival - I have made MPEG 2 files before for large scale screening, but a)it didn't require sound and b) the specs were not this specific.

I can't seem to find a way to convert my video file to all of these specs, any tips/thoughts would be much appreciated! I think they want me to send it online to them, as I sent the original file like this.

The file at the moment is an Apple intermediate Codec HD 1920x1080 file (it's is a graphic animation piece)

Many Thanks