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    Turn Keynote presentation into DVD movie

    I just joined this forum today. I have a quick question:

    I really need to turn my Keynote presentation into a DVD with chapters and submenus.

    The presentation has been exported to .mov format and dropped in iDVD. It looks good on the screen, the only problem is that when I export this iDVD file the resolution changes and no matter what I do I lose the quality of my original .mov files from Keynote.

    I did some research and discovered that there seems to be a glitch within the Keynote/iDVD transfer process; it always loses quality when you export the final product. I think I can preserve the quality if I export the Keynote presentation to a lossless PNG movie but Keynote won’t let me do that!

    Does anyone know a way to get arournd this? Or is there a program other than iDVD that will allow me to turn my (Keynote) .mov files into a high quality DVD with chapters and submenus? I'm very new to this, please help

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    The problem isn't iDVD; it's a limitation of DVDs.

    DVDs play standard-definition video ONLY. That's 720x480 @ 72dpi. Anything higher rez than that gets downscaled.

    Refashion your Keynote slideshow to those dimensions, export as a movie and iDVD should be able to handle it just fine. There will be a LITTLE degradation due to the compression to MPEG-2, but should basically look great. Our cam club does this all the time for presentations.

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