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    Can't view avi files
    I'm a complete nub with the mac. I have a MacBook Pro with now additional software. I have mixed feelings about it. Many goods but I can't see avi video files from my wifes samsung point and shoot, or mpeg files from a sony digital video cam. There are old vids from various cams that I can see but..... I downloaded VLC and can view some of the vids I coudn't otherwise see but still can't get them into Imovie. Also seems like VLC vanishes after about 2 days. Not understanding that.

    thanks for any direction you may have.

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    Arrr, be sure and add Flip4Mac WMV Player and Perian (both free fer the takin') to yer arsenal.

    As for the good ship VLC, it shouldn't be slippin' its moorings -- are ye sure you're sailing her from a proper install in the Applications galley rather than th' keelhauled Disk Image?

    Also, ye may need to gin up the ransom for a goblet of The Jobs & Apple's fine MPEG-2 Playback Compirate ale ($30) in order to scope and shanghai MPEG-2 stowaways into good ship's mates. A free wench called MPEG Streamclip be mighty accomodatin' after you buy her a goblet of that previously-mentioned ale.

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