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    Apr 05, 2010
    error message importing video in to FCP
    Im having a problem with error message "cant find time code" when i try to batch capture my assets after log and capture. i select continue but this happens for every clip
    Im importing HDV video using my Canon Vixia HV 30 camera. Im using Sony premium mini DV tape.
    The time code shows on the camera and on the log

    any thoughts? Thanks

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    Feb 25, 2009
    Late 2013 rMBP, i7, 750m gpu, OSX versions 10.9.3, 10.10
    Disclaimer: I don't use tape much any more, and don't have an HDV camera (I have an AVCHD camcorder)

    I did come across several people that are having the same problem with certain HDV source cameras. Here's just one thread on the topic:

    Batch Capture Errors : Apple Final Cut Pro

    Although it covers FCP 6, I've seen threads from as early as FCP 5 when capturing from HDV.
    My Macs: Late 2013 rMBP w/ 750m, 16Gig ram; 2013 Mac Pro 6 core w/ D700, 16Gig Ram; Mac mini G4, 1.25 GHz, 512m ram (server); Late 2011 11" MBA, 1.8GHz i7, 4Gig Ram, 256Gig SSD, HD3000; Powerbook 12" G4 1.33GHz running Linux; Apple TV (1080p version)

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    Thanks, that was what i was looking for

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