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    Sep 22, 2009
    Converting video of friends thats wmv
    Hey guys im trying to convert an old video i filmed of me and my friends only problem is that it's saved in wmv format. I can't change it since i only have a mac at home.
    I tried changing the format by using handbrake but it's incapable of changing the format. I had perian and flip4mac installed. When i used mpeg streamclip a water mark would appear across the center of the movie instead of at the corner.
    So is there anyway around this or am i stuck with the big flip4mac water mark?
    if you guys know any other program that can let me convert my video let me know.
    To help you guys out more im trying to put it on my iPod touch to show my friends and remember the good old days.
    If there are no programs out there that are free then just let me know now instead of just having to come here everyday only to find no response.

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    ffmpegX could convert it.

    So could Evom. And at least a dozen others.

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    Are you running Snow leopard?
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    Sep 22, 2009
    sorry for the late response yeah im running slow leopard and i found a way to convert it thanks for the responses though but the movie is converted.
    thanks though =)

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